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Spark plugs in cars  are made of different metal electrodes like Platinum, Iridium, Nickel or Copper.  Most car manufacturers  use Copper or Iridium tipped spark plugs which are good engough to ignite gasoline but perform poorly or have problems to combust hard to ignite fuels like CNG or LPG.  Silver as a metal has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity amongst all metals and BRISK is  an eight three year old company from Czech Republic which makes performance Spark plugs made with Silver electrode and 360 degree sparks. BRISK is an OE supplier to likes of VW , Skoda, Audi, Volvo, TM Racing, Lamborghini and other peformance vehicles worldwide.

BRISK Silver CNG spark plugs are specially made for CNG /LPG application and emit strong sparks to ignite the fuel air mixture  in the car’s engine fully, ensuring improved combustion and better performance, higher mileage and longer spark plug life compared to conventional spark plugs.  What is also important is that these plugs work at lower voltage to produce stronger spark, meaning that your car’s electronic systems do not wear out faster on CNG (which would otherwise be over worked as ignition temp for CNG is twice that of Petrol). These plugs also help eliminate backfires due to poor ignition – a common problem in poorly maintained or improperly calibrated CNG / LPG  vehicles.

For more info you can also check out  http://www.briskracing.in/silverfaq.php

The BRISK Silver series are available with a lower  preset Spark Plug gap  for majority of Indian cars  and do not require any maintenance.  One can also procure these Spark Plugs online from www.briskracing.in  

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