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Convert Your CAR & FLEET to CNG

EVO CNG provides installation of cars with Superior Sequential OBD2 CNG kits, 1st Generation Sequential Kits or conventional Venturi kits. Our kits are 100% original, European, ensure best performance on CNG.  We have 23 years’experience in the industry and fully trained and supported by our European Manufacturers.
We help you choose the correct kit and components for your car for best performance, savings and longer life of kit as well as your car.
We also undertake conversion of cars of fleet owners and commercial segment. We offer products which are installed as Original Equipment (OE) by car manufacturers and even come with THREE YEARS WARRANTY.   We assure you that such kind of product and performance oriented service is not offered by anyone in the aftermarket.
With our systems the driver can hardly make out the difference in the car on CNG. Also it’s impossible to get a CHECK ENGINE Light with our kits except when there is an actual problem in the car.
Our Superior Kits come with weatherproof Plug and Play wiring harness which does not cut any car’s original wires specially the Petrolinjectors so that your car’s originality is maintained and you do not face any warranty issues at the car dealership.
  • High Fuel Efficiency
  • Greater Safety
  • Peace of mind
  • No Wire Cutting

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