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How to increase average of CNG car ?

How to increase average of CNG car :-
Often CNG car owners are worried about getting a very poor average from their CNG kit. As a thumb rule, one can expect 40-50% increase in efficiency per KG of CNG compared to a litre of Gasoline – so if your car returns an efficiency of 10 km to a litre, you can expect 14-15 kms to a KG of CNG depending upon what technology (venturi or sequential ) you are using. Roughly.

Choosing between CNG and LPG kits for your car ?

Difference and comparison, ideal choice
CNG kit or LPG kit for your car can be a tedious choice to make if you follow any unfound myths. Using either an LPG kit or a CNG kit is safe as an alternate fuels in cars. We list below some CNG kit vs LPG kit difference and comparison to help you choose the right fuel for our car.
Fixation of CNG Kit or LPG kit in your car would depend upon a couple of factors, firstly depending.


EVO Direct Injection conversion kits or Liquid phase direct injection kits for DI Petrol engines meeting Euro-VI norms launched. The product uses 100% alternate fuel usage instead of substitution % in other systems. DI kits are engine specific and not common for all engines.  
At present these are being launched for VW  1.8 TSI and 1.2 TSI engines, and would soon be available for 1.4 TSI also.   Directo is also available for Renault 1.2 Di engines also. The gas

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