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SUPERIOR OBDII is the most advanced & award winning  CNG ECU in the industry from EuropeGas Poland. Ideal for 3 / 4 cylinder cars, the system is designed keeping OEM applications in mind and long trouble free service life. It’s housed in an aluminum casing with venting for extreme climatic conditions and avoiding any moisture inside the ECU. Undoubtedly the best choice if one is looking for ultimate performance on CNG vehicle.
  • Easy to calibrate yet most advanced software - Opens in Active & Expert modes.
  • Automatic internet updates,  connects with Bluetooth & WiFi.
  • Built in Timing Advance Processor (Variable advance for Petrol like performance)
  • OBDII Fuel trims matching with Petrol to avoid Check engine lights on Gas.
  • Advanced OBD diagnostics with built in car scanner to view parameters, erase error codes even on Petrol.
  • Continous map collection.
  • Automatic updation of the multiplier.
  • Built in Fuel Pump protection circuit
  • Start & Stop System supported.
  • Oscilloscope for Petrol & Gas injection signals for easy diagnosis.
  • Engine Load test for measuring max power and torque on CNG.
  • Possible to calibrate via assistant or manually via different parameters for perfection.
  • Advance service data management within the software.
  • ECM and Wiring come with 5 years warranty.
  • Option of Choosing PLUG & PLAY Wiring Harness for no cutting of Petrol Injection circuit - ideal for new cars for availing car warranty

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