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EVO SUPERIOR is the most advanced CNG Kit available for CNG conversion worldwide thanks to years of Research & Development from our partners in Europe. The system is a combination of a very durable RI27J Bigas CNG Reducer which is Two Stage, OEM quality,  made of brass with heavy duty CNG Solenoid at the inlet stage for maximum safety. Independent & very silent EG2000 injectors raise the bar for performance with their fast opening and closing times ideal for modern generation cars. Backed with a most innovative ECU housed in an aluminum casing for extreme climatic conditions and a built in TAP makes it a perfect choice and must for every quality conscious CNG conversion. Some highlights of the EVO Superior CNG Kit are :-

  • Automatic update of the multiplier.
  • Continous & precise map collection
  • OBDII allows matching Fuel Trims, eliminating Check Engine/ MIL lights.
  • Advanced built in OBD-II scanner helps read error codes and erase them even on Gasoline.
  • Fuel Pump protection circuit.
  • Built in Digital Timing Advance Processor
  • Automatic software updates. Bluetooth & WiFi supported.
  • Engine Load test for measuring power and torque.
  • The entire kit comes with 3 years / 100 000 km warranty.
  • R110 / 67R-01 certified, meets Euro-VI STD.
  • No cutting of Car wires, Plug & Play CNG wiring harness*.

The Evo Superior CNG Kit is very easy to calibrate via the software wherein the CNG ECU has an OBD connectivity Wizard which helps connect to the car’s OBD to enable the CNG ECU to read all necessary parameters of the car from OBD - mainly the STFT, LTFT, O2 Sensor Bank1, O2 Sensor Bank2, MAP etc,  to enable the CNG ECU to calibrate the vehicle on CNG more efficiently making the Gas Fuel / Air Ratio always optimum or stoichiometric.

The Software is available in two variants i.e the BASIC and Expert for different levels of installers who are constantly updated by us to ensure high levels of fitment and customer satisfaction.

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