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Running a car on CNG / LPG has its obvious economical and ecological advantages. However prolonged use of CNG or LPG can casue recession to Inlet & Exhaust Valves or valve seats due to increased heat on combustion of these fuels.
In order to avoid huge maintenance costs later on, its advisable to use JLM valve saver kit, world’s first TUV Rehineland & HTW ( a German testing university) certified Valve Saver kit which helps protect the engine from recession of valves and valve seats by sending a specially formulated additive drop by drop to the engine forming  a protective layer over the upper cylinder moving parts and reducing their wear and tear.
  • Cleans injectors & fuel systems.
  • Protects against excessive wear on inlet & exhaust valves & valve seats.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • Lubricates upper cylinder area.
  • Increases engine performance specially on Alternate fuel.
One litre of JLM specially formulated Valve Saver fluid can be used to  treat  a running of  12-15000 KM’s. Refills are available in packing of 1 ltr / 5 ltr or 20 ltrs.

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